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Texwell Italiana s.r.l.
Via B.Fattori, 26/28
Loc La Briglia
59021 Vaiano (PO)



An itinerary rich in contrasts, this sums up the texwell collection.
A casual balance of light and heavy, fine and delicate yarns, matt and bright aspects.
The counts cover a vast range and every possible desire.
Cotton is the primary element and plays a dual role as a trend fiber and a comfortable one, blended with viscose, silk, linen or comfortable nylon.
The colors have a rich range of natural nouances starting from the off-white, the watercolors tones, ending with the aggressive and full of vitality colors: spicy colors, sea colors, fruits colors.



Starting from the principal yarns in mohair, we have created a collection of tender
fibers that give the aspect of clouds with soft hands.
This is obtained due to the richness of the mohair and camel blends used in this group .
The simple aspect gets enriched thanks to the noble blends , which are used from the finer to the thicker counts, like "wick" yarns.
In addition to these fibers you also can find jaspe and mouline yarns, wool and viscose combined with stretch to give comfort without losing their elegance .
Fancy yarns are colored: emphasized by flecks to give tweed effects, space dyed, mouline' slub yarns without forgetting the shiny effects of nylon and trilobates .
Colors are the major theme of the season .
Iarge tonalities are important in saddle and cosmetic tones.
Starting from warm camels to tobacco shades with burgundy color accents.
Greys go into green tones, army colors, blues are darker, more into the midnight shades .